Andras Bali

Andras Bali
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My name is Bali Andras, I was born on June 27, 1983 in the city of Târgu-Mureş. My career as an artist started when I was little.
I could say I drew anything, starting from paper and ending with walls.I had in mind the art of tattoos already as a teenager, but I still didn’t have a model whose skin to tattoo, to do the experiments and drawings I had in mind at that time.

I always thought about “what would it be like?”, “What could I do?”.
Drawing was a passion for me, an easy thing to do, that is also why I started tattooing myself, to tattoo my friends, becoming their artist, but I had much bigger dreams: to have my salon, to be able to express my feelings and ideas, to become a professional tattoo artist.

After years, after many tattoos, I ended up improving my technique, focusing on tattooing, being for me a way of life and my main goal.

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